Welcome to Deshizon Online Shopping Store !


About us

www.deshizon.com is an indigenous online shopping platform towards self reliant India.

Which is launched in 2020. These platforms are providing the facility of shopping to the

customer from any shop in their city. It is a new startup which has started services in 5

cities at present. More than 1000 vendors have been registered on this platform.

We currently have a service team of 100 people. The indigenous platform is delivering

delivery orders within 2 hours of the customer or at whatever time the customer wishes.

The indigents have their own delivery team who deliver the orders of the customer directly

from the seller to his address. It works solely on GPS location base system. We have a

rule of 1: 1: 1, under which we give feedback on any complaint within 1 hour, solve the

problem in 1 day, if a problem is big, we solve it in 1 week. The platform is available on

the http://www.deshizon.com portal and app. Which can be downloaded from google play store.